Compliance for 110% superbonus and building bonus

The firm specialises in issuing tax compliance visas for building renovation works (ecobonus, sismabonus), pursuant to the “Relaunch Decree” Decree-Law 34/2020, and the “Anti-Fraud Decree” Decree-Law 157/2021.

The firm deals with the issuance of the compliance visa and the transmission to the Inland Revenue Agency of credit transfer and invoice discount notifications.
In particular, the consultancy may concern the private individual wishing to transfer the tax credit deriving from building deductions (Bonus Casa, Sismabonus, Ecobonusu, Superbonus 110%) or the company wishing to apply the discount on the invoice to its customers. The consultancy begins at the contractual stage and continues throughout the development of the building site until the invoice is issued, payment is made, and the credit is actually transferred.

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