The Snaidero Family

The Snaidero studio is one of the few accountancy firms in Italy that can communicate its history with great pride; founded in 1973 by his father Lorenzo Snaidero and then brought to the present day with ever-increasing development, not only professionally, but also technologically, by Marco Snaidero – Chartered Accountant and Auditor – and with an ever-attentive world view by his sister Marta Snaidero – Chartered Accountant specialising in international tax law – . This is the still current story of a family that has been proceeding with a precise idea for 50 years and, even today, day after day, works to improve its professionalism and that of its collaborators, to guarantee its clients the best support.

Lorenzo Snaidero

Legal Auditor and Technical Advisor
to the Judge

Marta Snaidero

Dottore Commercialista specializzata
in diritto tributario

Marco Snaidero

Dottore Commercialista e
Revisore Legale

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